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Brush Set Collection
Brush Set Collection
Brush Set Collection
Brush Set Collection
Brush Set Collection

Brush Set Collection

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Lowanna includes Casalmaggiore on its packaging to pay homage to the origin its brushes. Casalmaggiore, located in Italy, is renowned as a land of art and good taste, where fine art brushes, gorgeous textiles, and sweet-sounding musical instruments have been produced for generations. The skills and techniques required to form such works of art take years to acquire, and have been refined over decades and even centuries, with skilled artisans teaching and mentoring their students until they, too, become masters.


Handmade in Italy

After the upcycled handles have been manufactured and are ready for assembly with the ferrules and brush hair fibers, an expert artisan begins the process of putting together the different elements.

With experienced hands, she selects the perfect quantity of hair fibers and using purpose-built tools she forms the shape for the brush head.

She then applies glue and attaches the three elements together with precision and sets the hair fibers firmly in place, creating a piece of art that will last and provide the user with impeccable performance in makeup application.




1. Prisma Foundation Brush Regular & Small

Prisma is an extremely easy to use high technique profile brush with a pre-shaped synthetic head, sculpted like a mold on facial lines to adapt to your face shape and apply makeup. Prisma fits perfectly over the cheekbones, nose, and other curves and line of the face with its sloping surface, ergonomic hollow, and angled double-sided face. Use it for both broad strokes and finer detailing.


2. Tip & Blend Contour Brush, Lip & Eyes Brush

The innovative design of the Tip&Blend brush series allows for a small and easily measured quantity of liquid or cream product to be poured directly on the tip of the brush without having to first pour it on the back of one’s hand, thus avoiding waste and contamination.

The pointed tip further allows for precise dotting of the product only on the desired area, while the round head of the brush then enables the user to spread the product evenly in circular motions, gently massaging the product over the skin and merging colors without any streaks.


3. Dermocura Maxi Powder, Eye Shadow, Cheek & Highlighter

The brushes tick all the boxes for basic makeup application, while ensuring premium performance that only professional-grade makeup brushes like Lowanna’s can provide.

The staple brushes of any woman’s collection, i.e. large powder foundation brush, blending powder brush, and concealer/eyeshadow brush.


4. Basic Foundation Brush

The basic premise of makeup is to smooth the skin, even the color and tone, and conceal blemishes. Lowanna’s Basic brush does the job perfectly, with its ideal shape for applying liquid foundation broadly across the face, while still being able to reach into the corners around the nose and apply concealer to precise points on the face using the tapered end.


5. Fless Finger Tip Brush

The patented design of FLESS® All-Over makes it a perfect extension of your fingers, with a handle and bristles that flex and move with them. Consider this a must-have brush for the most natural, ergonomic application of makeup.

FLESS® is the only flexible brush: the flexibility of a sponge combined with the precise application of a brush. A perfect win-win combination!


6. Brush Cleaning Soap

Vegan, natural, cleansing, moisturizing, protective, effective, and easy to carry and travel with: LOWANNA’s Solid Brush Cleansing Soap is the perfect way to look after your makeup brushes.

Suitable for both synthetic and natural hair brushes, makeup sponges, and blenders, this soap is efficient and easy to use. Featuring 100% vegetal ingredients, it has been formulated to be neutral, moisturizing, enriched with essential oils and has a light, pleasant scent.