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Brush Cleansing Soap
Brush Cleansing Soap

Brush Cleansing Soap

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Vegan, natural, cleansing, moisturizing, protective, effective, and easy to carry and travel with: LOWANNA’s Solid Brush Cleansing Soap is the perfect way to look after your makeup brushes.

 Suitable for both synthetic and natural hair brushes, makeup sponges, and blenders, this soap is efficient and easy to use.

 Featuring 100% vegetal ingredients, it has been formulated to be neutral, moisturizing, enriched with essential oils and has a light, pleasant scent.


With the included silicon scrub pad, the soap allows you to regularly deep-cleanse your makeup brushes and other applicators. The conditioning ingredients prevent the brushes’ hair from hardening and drying up, and have a healing effect on the tuft by maintaining and improving its softness and flexibility.