Brush Cleansing Soap
Brush Cleansing Soap
Brush Cleansing Soap

Brush Cleansing Soap

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Deep cleansing and conditioning

  • A gentle, quick and effective cleanser for a deep clean and conditioning of make up tools. The inbuilt textured silicon scrub pad helps to draw out makeup, oils and eliminate hard to remove stains for a deep cleanse. With 100% vegetal ingredients including coconut oil the cleansing soap is gentle for daily use. It not only cleanses but moisturises and conditions your makeup brushes and sponges.
How to:
  • Wet your dirty makeup brush well, and swirl in the soap for 5-10 seconds to load the soap.
  • Swirl the brush on the silicon scrub pad in various directions with medium pressure.
  • Rinse well with running water using your fingers or the silicon scrub pad to remove the soap and impurities.
  • Remove excess water with gentle pats and squeezes using a soft cloth or paper towel.
  • Lay flat to dry at room temperature away from direct sunlight.